Trunk Show and Workshops

Lectures/Trunk Shows/Vending

To book a lecture, trunk show or workshop, please contact me using the contact form on this website. I am happy to work with you to find the perfect trunk show and workshop combination. If you book both, there is $50 discount for the guild. I appreciate the opportunity to vend at your meeting in conjunction with a trunk show or workshop. To check to see my availability, please check my schedule.

Trunk Shows

 “Trip Around the World” (Trunk Show $375)
This trunk show includes fabric and quilted pieces collected from my years of living in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. I touch on quilting traditions in many countries and talk about how to enhance your experience as you travel with a “quilter’s eye.” I have textiles from Japan, Oman, India, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Thailand, Myanmar and many other countries. I also talk about Quilt for Change, a project I created to use quilting to raise awareness and inspire social change for women around the world.


“Quilting as a Design Element” (Lecture $375)
How do you choose quilting designs? With the explosion of machine quilting, new design ideas are everywhere. Whether you are hand or machine quilting, you need ideas on how to choose quilting designs that will complement, not cover, your piecing. As a long arm quilter and a teacher of machine quilting on a domestic machine, I share a wealth of ideas on building a design library, and talk about how to apply these ideas to make your own quilts sing. Lots of examples help you choose designs and plan from the very first steps of choosing your pattern and fabrics.


“Quilting for a Cause” (Lecture $350)
Learn about many local, national and international quilt projects that support charitable causes. Quilters have so much energy and such giving hearts. Find out about the many ways quilters are making our world a better place and you you and your guild can get involved.

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your fascinating lecture on Quilts Around the World. We received such great feedback from the guild members who really enjoyed your presentation. You have the most amazing collection of fabrics, clothing, beading and quilts; it’s obviously been a passion of yours for many years, and it showed in your lecture. Thank you again, it’s not easy to find a lecturer who appeals to a large group of quilters each with their own talents and interests.”
– Judy Chase, Program Committee
Narragansett Bay Quilting Association

“On behalf of the members of the Hannah Dustin Quilters, we want to thank you once again for coming to speak at  our June luncheon yesterday. The breadth of knowledge about your subject is truly amazing, and the trunk show was one of the largest (and most varied) I have seen. You brought us on an international tour with your work, and each of us left the brunch with a deeper understanding of our place in the greater quilting community.  You were definitely worth the wait, and very very well received.”
– Linda Pearl, Program Chair, Hannah Dustin Quilters

“We at Quilters by the Sea were delighted to have Allison as a guest speaker. She presented a visual tour of many forms of quilting from other lands. Her collection included exotic pieces acquired while she was living and working abroad as well as some of her own vibrant quilts. Her love and appreciation of textiles is obvious. Allison is a wealth of information and would be a great addition to any guild’s program calendar.”
– Beth Laidlaw, Program Co-Chair, Quilters by the SeaTrunk Shows


“Quilting as a Design Element”
(Half day workshop $350)
This class complements the Quilting as a Design Element Lecture. Students bring quilt tops or patterns and we discuss design options to suit the use, style, and design of the quilt. This is a great guild activity and will help all levels of quilters  including hand quilters. This is a design class and no sewing machines are required. The more quilts students bring in, the more samples we will have to talk about quilting! 
Machine Trapunto Feathered Wreath class with Allison Wilbur

Machine quilting and Trapunto Feathers
(Full day workshop $525)
Learn to make fabulous feathers then combine them with machine trapunto methods to make a beautiful pillow.  Both these elements add sophistication to a traditional quilt but can also be used to add dimension and texture to modern quilts.

Mystery quilt pattern in which I ignored the "choose three colors" instructions!

Color in Quilting
(2 hour guild activity or half day workshop $350)
Do you puzzle over which green to pick? What makes a great accent color for blue? Do you wish your quilts had that special spark of color you have seen in many quilts you love? This fun interactive workshop makes a great whole guild activity or works for a smaller group. After a run through of color theory with many examples, you start playing with colored charm squares to get a hands on understanding of how colors play off each other and effect one another. Gain confidence in selecting fabrics in a way that will make your next delve into your stash or trip to your local quilt shop more informed and fun.

Hand and machine sashiko workshop with Allison Wilbur
Sashiko – by hand and machine
(Full day workshop $525)
Learn about the traditional Japanese art of sashiko – white stitching on indigo fabric including the history of sashiko in Japan and traditional patterns. We cover methods of marking your fabric, and stitch both by hand and on your domestic sewing machine.  We also talk about how to use traditional sashiko motifs in your machine quilting.

Allison’s Sashiko workshop is a thorough introduction to the art of Sashiko. Allison gives a brief history of Japanese Sashiko from the purpose of the stitch, meaning of the designs and the evolution of the process to current trends. How to transfer designs to fabric is also discussed. A hand-stitched project along with machine bobbin work projects showcase the possibilities of this technique. Even if you have some knowledge of Sashiko, you will benefit from this workshop. I’d highly recommend it, if you have the opportunity to explore Sashiko with Allison.” – Kathy Maxwell McLaren, Cabin Branch Quilters, Woodbridge, VA

Painting with Tsukineko Inks

Painting with Tsukineko inks (half day workshop $350)
Learn how to paint with inks to add beautiful images to your quilts. Wonderful for portraits, animals, florals and many other images, fabric inks offer an array of colors from vivid to subtle. We will talk about layering colors, working with inks, and fabric preparation. This class is easy enough for a beginner and yet can be the basis for a beautiful art quilt. A kit is provided which includes freezer paper backed fabric with an image outline, a wide array of inks, and ink sticks.


“Tsukinecko Inks come in such a wide variety of colors, it’s easy to make beautiful art. Allison is a very patient and thorough teacher; I highly recommend taking a class with her!”

– Cathy LaBonte


Two Day Machine Quilting Retreat
($1000 2 day workshop)
Design and quilt a small whole cloth quilt on your domestic machine. We will cover materials, machine set up, design elements, marking and have lots of time for sewing both with a walking foot and free motion foot. You can incorporate elements such as feathers, pebbling, echo quilting, cross hatching and much more. Excellent offering for a retreat setting!


Alpine Tunnel quilt

Challenge Me
(full day workshop $525)
Quilt challenges stretch us creatively and allow us to play. We can work with your guild challenge theme or I can create a challenge for the group. We will talk about how to find an enter challenges outside your guild and spend the day creating a small challenge piece using techniques such as improvisational piecing, collage, embellishments, surface design, and thread painting.

Note:  For all workshops, there is an additional charge of $25 per student once there are more than 20 students.

If I come to your guild I would love to have the chance to bring an assortment of foreign fabrics, patterns, and vintage embellishments including lace, trim, buttons and fabric.

Travel Expenses
In addition to lecture/workshop fees, I charge the current government mileage rate for the round trip mileage. Guilds must provide lodging at locations further than 80 miles away from my hometown of Barrington, RI.