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IMG_1534Alpine Tunnel, 2013

47 x 81

This modern quilt harkens back to our time in Switzerland. As you enter the Alpine tunnels, you go from the bright white of the snow to the patterned tiles and fluorescent lights of the tunnel. The effect is dizzying.




IMG_0920Button, Button, 2006

45 x 45

This quilt was made from a Mary Mashuta pattern from her class on working with stripes. I loved the theory that you can calm a busy pattern down by repetition. Each row of hand dyed fabrics combined with Kaffe Fasset stripes and colored buttons to form a color gradation.



Dragon Clan by Allison Wilbur

Dragon Clan by Allison Wilbur

Dragon Clan, 2013

32 x 37

The center hand painted batik from Indonesia is combined with Alexander Henry dragon fabric to create a sense of swirling chaos. Metallic thread was used in quilting the dragon.